Leadership Assessment and Development with a greater return.

As you weigh the ups and downs of future capital improvements, consider what any industry leader is likely to remind you.  It's the evaluation of your leaders and developing their talent that makes the greatest impact on your bottom line.  Virtually all ROI small or large can be attributed to your leaders... at all levels.

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  • Job-screening tools help company find right fit

    For additional help, Gillespie turned to David Watterson, principal at Chagrin Falls, Ohio-based Watterson & Associates Inc. Watterson is a psychologist, management consultant and coach. “We use the research we have about humans and apply it to work,” Watterson said. “We help determine core skills that are needed and if the selection process is accurate. You can select great talent, but sometimes it doesn’t click — the chemistry isn’t right.”

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  • Cleveland State University Recognizes Dr. Watterson

    Cleveland State University Alumni Association, in support of engaging graduates of the university, and recognizing them for outstanding accomplishments awarded Dr. Watterson with a Distinguished Alumni Award.

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Measuring Leadership Effectiveness
Measuring Leadership Effectiveness View Case Study

By partnering with many of their customers, Watterson & Associates has implemented meaningful initiatives that have shaped how their clients hire, develop and retain talent.

Because Your Success is Our Success

"The uncertainty usually endemic to the recruiting and hiring process has been greatly reduced thanks to the personnel and tools provided to us by Watterson & Associates. Their people have been a tremendous resource in helping my organization analyze the talents and personalities of potential recruits and, as closely as possible, match their talents to the position and our business. Our goal is not to hire people we can live with, but to hire people we can't live without. Watterson & Associates is helping us to realize that goal."

William P. GillespiePresident Pittsburgh Valve and Fitting Co.

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Leadership Development Questionnaire

This 360° Leadership Development Questionnaire is a multi-rater feedback tool. The purpose of using this process is to obtain performance information on an individual from those with whom he/she had significant contact or influence. Like other 360° Leadership Development Questionnaires, boss, peer, and subordinate ratings are compared to how an employee sees him/herself.

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Management Development Report

The Management Development Report summarizes how you view yourself in comparison to other successful managers and supervisors. The benefit this report provides is increased self-awareness. Research and practical experience in both large and small organizations indicates that the more we know about ourselves the more it helps us to be productive, successful and fulfilled.

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