Interviewing & Selection

WAI provides interviewing and selection processes to produce optimal fit among the company, job function and the candidate. As a result, organizations reduce hiring costs. Our proprietary testing and validated reports allow a company to make better decisions about candidates' strengths and limitations, and their fit to the job and organization. Armed with this information, WAI can determine how effective the candidate will be in a particular position, reducing exposure to unnecessary hiring costs.

Individual Assessment
WAI’s Individual Assessment process takes into account personality and ability testing plus an interview. At the same time, the individual assessment process focuses on strengths and developmental areas relative to a particular position and customized with company-specific competencies. WAI’s Individual Assessment process includes a written report and verbal feedback to hiring managers providing an overall hiring recommendation along with suggested onboarding strategies. While this process is used when hiring upper level manager/executives, or when considering internal promotions, is also utilized with key professional and mid-level management positions.