Who We Are

Our Story

Watterson & Associates, Inc. (WAI) has a history of providing expert advice to respected executives in industries ranging from medical and chemical to finance and banking, and as diverse as manufacturing and retail. Since 1996, when industry pioneer Dr. David Watterson founded Watterson & Associates, the company has provided clients with generalized and proprietary tools to manage their employee development needs.

The experience behind the WAI team - the foundation on which WAI is built - is as diverse as the industries and companies they serve. Dr. Watterson himself first entered the field of employee development over 30 years ago. So, whether a small business or a Fortune 500 company, WAI has the experience to meet your unique situation.

WAI understands that an organization's success is built from the ground up, starting with the first employee. Our methodology for optimum performance focuses on the organization's mission, leadership and employees. By combining these crucial components, your organization becomes poised for success:

Align employee attributes with company success.
  • Identify employee characteristics necessary to your organization's success.
  • Work with employees individually and in groups to identify strengths and areas of improvement based on the identified characteristics.
  • Develop desired traits and measure results.

Develop a relationship between leadership vision, organizational mission and employees.
  • Identify the personal vision of your organization's leadership skills.
  • Integrate the vision into the stated organizational mission.
  • Create a personal inventory of each individual's talents and limits with respect to the vision.

Build upon the foundation for future growth.
  • Create a learning pathway for critical growth areas: thinking skills,emotional resilience, work habits and personal style.
  • Develop a plan to transition knowledge into action.

Evaluate results.
  • Determine the effectiveness of employee development on organizational success.