WAI provides an array of training services to support our clients’ unique needs. Building on our foundation of customization and tailoring, much of our training is created in-house and is organically tailored to match the evolving requirements of businesses we support. We often create unique training solutions by partnering with our clients and learning about their business. Other times, a WAI consultant will use an off-the-shelf training service that needs little to no customization. WAI is equipped to meet our clients’ various training requirements. In fact, nearly all of our Training Services can be further customized based upon the unique situation.

WAI’s consultants work in conjunction with one another to support our existing clients. While headquartered in Northeast Ohio, WAI is networked with numerous resources to meet the training services demand, within the US and abroad. In many cases, WAI can provide a solution for your training needs based upon our expertise and past success. However, in certain instances, we partner with others in the WAI network to create tailored training solutions.

One recent partnership of note is WAI’s alliance with ERC, another Northeast Ohio company. ERC helps organizations create great workplaces by providing HR resources, training, and consulting services. Click here to access a list of ERC training courses: