Who We Are


We've told you about WAI and now our clients want to speak for us. Their stories are testimonies to the services and expertise provided by WAI, and validate the level of commitment and partnership we bring to our clients.

"At Swagelok, we believe in learning and have a deep commitment to personal growth and leadership development. For over 25 years, Dave Watterson and his team have partnered with us to assess talent, coach executives and help define and develop the leadership competencies critical for the growth of our global organization. Dave and his team are trusted advisors who are able to provide us with candid feedback and advice."

Arthur F. Anton
President and CEO
Swagelok Company

"Having been through many consultant relationships over the years I can categorize the majority as being long on promise and disappointing on actual and tangible results. SES’s relationship with WAI has been a pleasant exception to this experience. Starting out as primarily an aid to hiring and testing entry level employees, the relationship has progressed organically to ever more involved roles including aiding the development of these employees, the development of principal centered culture within the leadership of the company as and ultimately assisting the implementation of this culture companywide.

Most recently, based on the relationships built and trust gained with senior management, Mark at WAI has been deeply involved in senior management succession planning and implementation. Mark’s involvement with the depths of the company’s day-to-day activities, in addition to the trust and respect Mark has gained with all involved, made Mark a logical recent appointment to the companies Board of Advisors."

Jim Boughton
President and Chairman of the Board

"The uncertainty usually endemic to the recruiting and hiring process has been greatly reduced thanks to the personnel and tools provided to us by Watterson & Associates. Their people have been a tremendous resource in helping my organization analyze the talents and personalities of potential recruits and, as closely as possible, match their talents to the position and our business. Our goal is not to hire people we can live with, but to hire people we can't live without. Watterson & Associates is helping us to realize that goal."

William P. Gillespie
Pittsburgh Valve and Fitting Co.

"Through their focus on long-term strategy, Watterson & Associates has served as an extension of Areva's Human Resources department for several decades. Their expertise in assessment tools, along with their unique understanding of Areva's culture, has proved to be invaluable in assessing and developing talent within our company. Their guidance and advice is shared in a way that promotes open dialogue and candor that is indispensible to our hiring and development practices. Watterson & Associates continues to be integral to Areva's success."

Jim Hicks
Former Vice President of Business Integration

"Selecting the right candidates and developing associates to their full potential is core to our beliefs and critical to our success. We have partnered with WAI for over 6 years and consider them an extension of our organization. We rely on Dave and Mark for their critical eye for talent and for their candid coaching. WAI approaches development with a focus on incremental improvements that over time create powerful individual change. Our work with WAI has led to many individual breakthroughs and has improved our business performance."

Chris Jones
Swagelok Southeast Texas

"WAI has been an important partner for my business for some time now. We've had great experiences with them in several areas: personal coaching, hiring evaluations, and personal development. We even co-designed a video conferenced custom program that focuses on growth and personal development, in a team format, that we use today. I've been happy with our relationship and would recommend them."

Tim Barney
Swagelok Oklahoma

"I have known and worked with David Watterson for nearly 16 years and have found him to be a gracious, giving individual - one who is willing to give not only himself but his knowledge and time as well. He never ceases to amaze me with his ability to grasp a situation, articulate his thoughts and bring to life a concept or idea for immediate application. He is a friend, business associate, confidant and willing partner, and has been a huge influence personally and professionally."

Rick Tiemann
The Executive Group

"Watterson & Associates is a Trusted Advisor who has helped me with key staffing decisions and strategy development over the last decade. They have provided executive coaching, synthesizing assessments thereby helping me and my team identify critical behaviors and a clear path toward our goals. Mark has also become part of my Advisory Board, providing counsel with business planning as it relates to the people element. They are a resource who have collaborated with other advisors, colleagues, and their network to assist my company in meaningful ways."

J.W. Harley
FirstPower Group LLC