360° Leadership Development Questionnaire

The 360° Leadership Development Questionnaire is a multi-rater feedback tool. It is designed to obtain individual performance information from those with whom they have significant contact or influence. Like other 360° Leadership Development Questionnaires, boss, peer and subordinate ratings are compared to an employee's self perceptions.

WAI ensures that the individual and the organization are properly oriented by:
  • Compiling the results
  • Delivering the questionnaires through an automated process
  • Preparing the individual to receive feedback
  • Providing a trained coach to help identify themes and developmental areas

Measurable dimensions include:
  • Business acumen
  • Customer focus
  • Development of self & staff
  • Emotional intelligence competencies
  • Personal relationships
  • Planning & execution
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Transactional leadership
  • Transformational leadership
  • Thinking Skills

Competencies can be customized to your organization and personalized comments included as well.

In addition:
  • Bar graphs are used to convey results, allowing for a clear comparison in ratings as reported by the candidate and the candidate's supervisor, peers and direct reports.
  • Company leaders and Human Resources professionals are trained by WAI to be feedback coaches.
  • Our consultants provide feedback for additional insight and clarity in interpreting results.
  • Process results are incorporated into a continuous improvement program, if desired.